Name Category Organism Program, Pipeline Name or Method Name Source Name
InterproScan Gene Annotations Haliotis sorenseni v2 (White abalone v2) Braker2 genes with Interpro annotations Rick Masonbrink View on JBrowse
FreeBayes SNPs Haliotis sorenseni v2 (White abalone v2) freebayes snps filtered by snphylo Rick Small VCF test View on JBrowse
Draft Braker2 Gene Models Haliotis sorenseni v2 (White abalone v2) Braker2 with Uniprot Mollusca and Red Abalone proteins Rick Preliminary Annotation View on JBrowse
Haliotis rufescens protein sequences Haliotis rufescens (Red abalone) augustus and emboss Halruf.fasta and Halruf.gff3
SNPs from Black,Green,Pinto,Pink,Red and White abalone Haliotis rufescens (Red abalone) GATK SNPs_BlkGrnPntPnkRedWht_GBE2018.vcf renamed from snphylo.output.filtered.sorted.vcf View on JBrowse
Genome Assembly Haliotis rufescens (Red abalone) MaSurCA Halruf.fasta
Genome Annotation Haliotis rufescens (Red abalone) MAKER2 Halruf.gff3